ZAYEDESA’s Projects

ZAYEDESA’s projects focus on four main socio-economic challenges Zanzibar’s youth face: unemployment, school drop-out, environmental management, and health. Unemployment-

  • Tanguu Agriculture Traning Centre- 62 Acres of farmland that ZAYEDESA owns and uses to train young people in environmentally friendly agricultural techniques.  This program is completely sustainable, as the income from the farm pays for its expenses.
  • Pemba Aqua-Culture Programme- through this program, women and youth are able to find access to training, equipement, and capital so they can practice environmentally friendly in-shore fishing and shell fish culture.

tunguu training center


  • ZAYEDESA supports local schools by aiding in renovations and construction of school building, as well as providing necessary materials to classrooms.
  • By supporting the Zanzibar Women’s Netball Association and the Basketball Association of Zanzibar, ZAYEDESA supports the physical activity and education of youth.

teaching in schools


  • ZAYEDESA works works to educate you in cleaning and improving the environment we live in.



  • ZAYEDESA has four youth-friendly facilities throughout Unguja and Pemba islands, that are equipped with the staff and materials to test and treat HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Also, each center has numerous counselors, and provide classes for STI transmission education and prevention.
  • Together with the French NGO “Medical Et Development,” and the Ministry of Health,  ZAYEDESA created new, modern maternity units in numerous locations throughtout Zanzibar, so new mothers will have the right access to healthcare.
  • ZAYEDESA hosts community dialogue events, to bring people together and rid Zanzibar of the stigma against HIV/AIDS and other STIs

World AIDS Day Concert


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