Mother’s School Up and Running



Women without Borders, Austria, under the dynamic management of Dr Edit Schalffer partnered with ZAYEDESA to start a Mother’s School. The school is under the umbrella of Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE), an organization aimed at training mothers to  raise their children responsibly and be able to detect early on and defuse violent extremist behavior.

The group trained trainers for three days in late April. The training mothers are from five different locations in Zanzibar: Dunga, Kiembesamaki, Mkwajuni, Bububu and Kitogani. They started earnestly in May and are planning to continue their work to just before Ramadhan starting in late June.

Mothers have been very enthusiastic about this training and they have promised to carry the messages back to their communities when the training is over. ZAYEDESA hopes that this sensitization of mothers will go a long way towards pacifying the spice islands.


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